Extend your visa in the UAE

After helping over one million clients from all over the world, we know how important it is that every case receives thorough and personalised attention. No matter what your circumstances require –applying for a UAE work visa after finishing studies, seeking a spouse or family visa, continuing studies, or applying for permanent residency – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We are offering everyone who contacts us our fast, FREE, friendly assessment from our experts to provide you complete peace of mind today.

Finding the right way to extend your stay in the UAE can be daunting prospect. To help you overcome these potential difficulties, let IXP Visas help you through the entire process. We are prepared to help you explore every option and assist you in selecting the one that is right for you.

Become a permanent UAE resident

UAE Visas sets the international standard for assisting clients seeking permanent residency in destinations abroad, including the UAE. Our teams of experts are trained to advise you on every aspect of your visa needs as well as those of your family. We’ll work with you personally to ensure that you are able to take advantage of every opportunity available that the service you receive is of the highest caliber. With a dedicated office in the UAE, you can rest assured that your immigration and settlement plans are in safe hands.

Study in the UAE

If you would like to gain additional qualifications and boost your prospects for staying in the UAE, our Study Abroad Services will help you make it happen. Securing a course at a college or university in the UAE can allow you to extend your stay, allow for part-time work for you, and even full-time work for your spouse. Our team of UAE study experts is well trained to help you find the course that best suits your location and personal requirements. We will even complete the enrollment process on your behalf and secure a student visa to help you remain in the UAE.

Work in the UAE

Securing employment is an excellent way to stay in the UAE, and there are a lot of jobs that can help improve your eligibility for full residency. Even without a long-term offer, finding work can still provide the opportunity to extend your UAE visa.

Those already in the UAE are in a prime position to attend interviews and show employers that they are the best candidate for the job. To make sure that you are able to take advantage of this, UAE Visas’ International Employment Solutions team is prepared to help. Our professionals work with you to improve your prospects by ensuring that your résumé, references, and qualifications are in line with UAE employers’ expectations. We will help you through the entire process of securing employment in the UAE, to include providing future employers with a certificate of assurance verifying that we will assist with the appropriate visa if you are employed.

Stay with your spouse in the UAE

If your partner or spouse is a UAE citizen, you may qualify for one of several visas. For those who have children with a spouse or partner in the UAE, you may also be eligible for additional UAE visa options. To make the most of these opportunities, our team of experts is trained to research each client’s personal background in order to help select the visa that’s best for their situation. We’ll help you prepare and submit all of the required information to ensure that you are able to stay with your partner or family in the UAE. Leave nothing to chance with your spouse or family visa needs: put the experts at IXP Visas to work for you.

A World of Opportunity in the UAE

When we move to a new country, it can often be a daunting experience. We have hopes and dreams of what our new life will be like and sometimes the reality can be even better than what we were hoping for. Here, one of our clients tells us about his life-changing trip to Dubai:

“I couldn’t believe that my time at university was almost at a close. It all seemed to go so fast, but time does fly when you’re having such an amazing time. I really wanted to stay on in Dubai and continue my education there as I got on really well with all of my tutors and the courses available to me were brilliant. I spent a few days talking to my family and friends about my plans and they agreed that I should follow my heart, which is why I called UAE. As they had arranged for my study permit for Dubai, I knew that they could answer my questions and, hopefully, organise it for me to stay in the country longer. My advisor told me that getting an extension shouldn’t be a problem, if I wanted to continue studying. It only took a few months for everything to be sorted out, and I’m so happy that I made such a good decision. Life in Dubai is amazing- thanks to UAE, I get to spend a lot more time here.”

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